President Elect, Dr. Lutful Aziz and Secretary General, Prof AKM Akhtaruzzaman representing BSSP at 10th EFIC congress at ...

Bangladesh Flag hosting at EFIC congress, Copenhagen, Denmark. Thanks EFIC for gives us opportunity to do so.

Bangladesh Society for Study of Pain (BSSP)

Bangladesh Society for Study of Pain (BSSP) was formed in 1997 with 11 (eleven) working Anaesthetists, which has become an affiliated as Chapter of International Association of Study of Pain (IASP) in 2004. The collaboration program continued with Japan and BSSP (in place of BSMMU). In this program Dr Zerzina Rahman was trained in Shimane University. Prof. Satsuro Ogawa organized training of Dr. A.B.M.Maksudur Rahman, Dr.A.K.M.Akhteruzaman. Lt.Col.Delwar Hussain, Dr.Hasibul Hussain and Dr. Shahnaz Begum in Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan. BSSP organizes bimonthly Seminars on different topics of pain regularly. The First Annual Conference was held in March, 1998; Second one was held during Silver Jubilee of Bangladesh Society of Anaesthesiologists (BSA) in February, 1999; Third held in February, 2000; Fourth in February, 2001; Fifth was held along with SACA Congress in 2003. BSSP participated in the World Congress of Pain held in San Diego, USA in 2002. BSSP the formation of South Asian Regional Pain Society (SARPS) during the Conference held in Dhaka with representative from all SAARC members.

International Association for the Study of Pain

In May 1973, University of Washington anesthesiology professor John J. Bonica convened an interdisciplinary group of pain researchers and clinicians to discuss the need for a professional organization dedicated to pain research and management. Dr. Bonica’s vision was to provide an egalitarian, interdisciplinary, and international forum to improve knowledge about pain, improve the education of health-care providers, and improve the care of patients. IASP was incorporated on May 9, 1974.